How Do I Apply?

green-building-homeManatee Habitat works with families who seek to improve their future through home ownership but have found that obtaining an affordable conventional mortgage is just out of reach. Manatee Habitat’s Homebuyer Program provides a “hand up” to enable qualified candidates by offering them the opportunity to purchase a Habitat home with a zero percent interest loan. Qualified families selected to participate for the Homebuyer Program must have a need for housing, meet income and credit guidelines and be willing to partner with Manatee Habitat and l contribute 300-500hours of sweat equity working on the construction of their home and the homes of their future Habitat neighbors. In addition candidate participate in home ownership and financial literacy classes and will be expected to establish an escrow savings account. When a family has met the requirements of the Homebuyer Program they are eligible to obtain a 25-30 year zero percent interest loan for the purchase of a home from Manatee Habitat.

To learn more about the Homebuyer Program or to apply, call Didi Hager at 748-9100 extension 102 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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